Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My special little granddaughter went to Grade 0 today - poor mom was in tears and very worried as little one looked so happy at home and so unsure at her little table in the classroom.

But all turned out very well and she is very happy to go back to school tomorrow. Her little brother also wanted to go to big school, but at the end was happy with a nametag around his neck and going to nursery school on his own. 
I can still remember all the first days at school of my own kids and the emotions involved that day - now all grown up and all doing very well, plus the advantage of beautiful and very special grandchildren for me!!  So to all moms - it is sad, but ............ part of life and your rewards later in life will be very special.

Found this poem for all moms who had to send their little ones to school for the first time:

by Gregory K.

I don’t know the teacher.
I sure hope she’s nice.
But what if she’s mean with a heart cold as ice???
What about bullies? 
There might be a bunch.
And what a disaster if I mess up lunch!
I don’t like that playground:
The slide hits the sky!
And now here at drop-off, I can’t say “goodbye.”
My stomach is queasy.
My stress can’t be greater...
But then a voice calms me,
“Bye, Mom! See ya later!”

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